Weekly Peace Meditations

The potential for global peace is within our reach, but it requires our focused attention and intention to manifest in reality. Drawing inspiration from the principles of quantum physics, we understand that everything begins as waves of potential before solidifying into tangible form.

In just a few moments of our time, we can nurture peace within ourselves, our communities, and our planet. By uniting and harnessing the power of intention, we can participate in synchronized peace prayer circles across the globe, weaving together a sacred tapestry of peace.

The Women’s Global Peace Alliance (WGPA) warmly invites individuals from diverse backgrounds to join their weekly peace meditations. Under the guidance of Shirin Hunt, who has steadfastly championed peace since 2009, these meditations take place online every Thursday at 10AM Hawaii time.

Shirin Hunt leads an internal and global peace meditation live on Instagram @Theresetqueen, typically lasting around 15 minutes. As inhabitants of a world yearning for peace, it is essential that we take proactive steps to bring it into existence. By dedicating just 15 minutes each week to this tranquil practice, we can cultivate a personal frequency of peace and extend its possibility to the broader world. Embracing this simple yet profound contribution, you play an active role in shaping a peaceful future.

Join in individually, on a meditation for internal and global peace, however way you choose. Choose peaceful actions, thoughts and deeds.

— Shirin Hunt