Interpersonal & Global Peace

Rise Up
Global Peace Event

Everyone is invited! The purpose: to create a global social media event, a ‛hundredth-monkey‛ moment by engaging a global audience to collectively activate a global peace model for the women of Iran, and the world.

Shirin will be the M.C. and provide instructions for the audience to collectively co-create the world as we choose for it to be. A world at peace.

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The Time of Women
Age of Women

The Time of Women is how our sacred indigenous elders describe the paradigm shift (circa 2012) in terms of the new roles of women and men and the new codes for this new paradigm shift in conscious awareness, as well as, how to recognize and understand our new roles in moving humanity forward. This time is also known to be the Age of Women in the Sufi tradition.

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The Integrity Project

This model of integrity originated from a collective of women healers, and it is crucial for us to insist on this high standard of integrity from all our leaders.

  • Speak the Truth
  • Honor Agreements
  • Respect all life forms
  • Promote Unity
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Return of the Oracles
The Divine Feminine

This project centers around the contemporary Oracles who are playing a crucial role in serving humanity by guiding us towards a clear path ahead. They are invaluable in their ability to offer insights and will be highlighted in a documentary film. Additionally, their wisdom will be accessible for counseling, allowing them to share their profound gifts and assist humanity in progressing forward.

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The Indigo Bridge

Crossing the Indigo Bridge an animated film illustrating opening pathways to human evolution. Crossing The Indigo Bridge takes viewers on a journey through eight stages on the way to a new paradigm. These sacred stages, long held by the indigenous world, are being revealed.

  • Through extraordinary sound and vibration
  • Mystical revelations and sacred geometry
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The Rainbow School
Na Keiki o Anui Nui

This school is dedicated to providing age-specific curriculums for children ranging from 5 to 18 years old. It proudly embraces the visionary guidance of Vianna Stibal, the renowned creator of Theta Healing TM. The inaugural school will open its doors in the picturesque setting of Kauai, Hawaii. Once the successful blueprint of this educational model has been established, our mission extends to creating similar schools worldwide, aiming to empower and nurture the children of our global community.

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Ask The Mother
Animated Film

‛Ask The Mother‛ is an enchanting animated film that explores the essential theme of honoring and safeguarding Mother Earth. Through its captivating narrative, the film embarks on a profound journey of connecting with the Earth by actively seeking her guidance. By posing the crucial question of what she requires in this critical moment, the film imparts a vital message of understanding and responding to the needs of our planet, ultimately fostering a harmonious relationship between humanity and Mother Earth.

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Pepper Sauce For Peace
Focus on Peace, It's a Hot Idea!

For over a decade, Pepper Sauce For Peace has been meticulously crafted with love on the enchanting island of Kauai. This artisanal sauce has become a global sensation, attracting customers from all corners of the world who appreciate the unique fusion of flavor and purpose it embodies. What sets this exceptional condiment apart is its profound association with a peace movement. By savoring each delicious drop, patrons are not only indulging in a culinary delight but also actively supporting a cause dedicated to fostering peace.

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Internal & Global Peace

The Maharishi effect, also known as the 100th monkey effect, forms the foundation of the weekly peace meditations conducted by the Women's Global Peace Alliance. According to this concept, if a critical mass of individuals, typically around 1% of the square root of a population, engage in a specific activity simultaneously, it has the potential to influence the entire population positively. In the case of the Women's Global Peace Alliance, their aim is to gather more than 9000 participants who will focus on peace collectively while in a theta brainwave state during the weekly meditation sessions. By doing so, their intention is to create a powerful and coherent field of consciousness that could make peace a potential reality for the whole world. This practice draws upon the belief in the interconnectedness of consciousness and its potential to bring about positive change on a global scale.

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