Return of the Oracles

Since ancient times, prophets, revealers, and oracles have graced our world, offering profound insights and guiding humanity towards clarity and purpose. Their extraordinary abilities, fueled by heightened senses, intuition, and extra-cognitive perception, have provided solace and direction in times of uncertainty.

In sacred communities, these gifts are revered as manifestations of the Divine Feminine, vital for harmonizing the realms of reason and scientific inquiry. Recognizing the importance of this balance, the "Awakening the Divine" project shines a light on the present-day Oracles who embody these extraordinary abilities, offering invaluable services to humanity.

Through an insightful documentary film, this project unveils the stories of these contemporary Oracles, showcasing their remarkable journeys and the transformative impact of their guidance. With unwavering dedication, they illuminate a clear path forward for individuals and society as a whole.

Beyond the film, the project goes a step further by facilitating access to the wisdom and counsel of these gifted individuals. By making their powerful gifts available for consultation, they extend their support to a wider audience, helping humanity navigate the complexities of life with renewed clarity and purpose.

‛Return of the Oracles‛ celebrates the timeless presence of these extraordinary individuals and their role in shaping our collective destiny. With reverence for their abilities and a deep appreciation for their guidance, this project serves as a testament to the enduring significance of the Oracle tradition, empowering humanity to move forward with confidence and renewed hope.

Within the whispers of the Divine Feminine, the Oracles of today rise, their extraordinary gifts illuminating a clear way forward for humanity's journey of awakening.

— Return of the Oracles