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Women’s Global Peace Alliance: Empowering Interpersonal and Global Harmony.

The inception of the Women’s Global Peace Alliance emerged from the recognition that while we all possess a desire to contribute towards the betterment of our planet, we often find ourselves consumed by the complexities of everyday existence.

In light of this realization, we present a solution that is both uncomplicated and attainable for individuals worldwide. By investing a mere fraction of our time, we can cultivate inner peace within ourselves, foster harmony within our communities, and promote peace throughout the world.

Let us come together, harnessing the strength of our collective intention. Join us in synchronized peace prayer circles spanning the globe, becoming an integral part of the sacred tapestry of peace.

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Rise Up
Global Peace Event

Everyone is invited! The purpose: to create a global social media event, a ‛hundredth-monkey‛ moment by engaging a global audience to collectively activate a global peace model for the women of Iran, and the world.

Shirin will be the M.C. and provide instructions for the audience to collectively co-create the world as we choose for it to be. A world at peace.

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The Time of Women
Age of Women

The Time of Women is how our sacred indigenous elders describe the paradigm shift (circa 2012) in terms of the new roles of women and men and the new codes for this new paradigm shift in conscious awareness, as well as, how to recognize and understand our new roles in moving humanity forward. This time is also known to be the Age of Women in the Sufi tradition.

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Discover more projects that INCF operates by helping to assist and improve personal quality of life and global sustainability.

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The Women’s Global Peace Alliance (INCF) is a non-profit organization established in 1998 with a mission to operate and engage in programs that assist and improve the quality of life.

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